Around the world

Who: My husband Erik and I

Lisa and Erik in Iceland

What: taking our lives on the road

Where & when:

World map in watercolor

two months in Canada
1. Toronto, Ontario: April 24 – June 25, 2012
1B. Montréal, Québec: June 14-17, 2012

six weeks in Scotland
2. Glasgow: June 25 – July 5, 2012
3. Edinburgh: July 5 – August 4, 2012
4. West Highlands: August 4-9, 2012

seven weeks in Iceland
5. Reykjavík: August 9 – September 27, 2012

five days in London
6. London, England, UK: September 27 – 2 October 2012

one month in Istanbul
7. Istanbul, Turkey: 2 October – 1 November 2012

one month in Paris
8. Paris, France: 1 November – 3 December 2012

almost three months in the USA
9. Boston, Massachusetts: 3-17 December 2012
10. (home) San Jose, California: 17 December 2012 – 24 January 2013
11. Waimea (Kamuela), Hawaii [the Big Island], Hawaii: 24 January – 22 February 2013
12. Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii: 22-28 February 2013

one month in Kyoto
13. Kyoto, Japan: 1-31 March 2013

ten days in Singapore
14. Singapore: 1-10 April 2013

one month in New Zealand
15. Auckland, North Island: 11-26 April 2013
16. Christchurch, South Island: 26-30 April
17. Oamaru, South Island: 30 April – 3 May
18. Invercargill, South Island: 3-6 May
19. Dunedin, South Island: 6-8 May
20. Arrowtown, South Island: 8-11 May
21. Wellington, North Island: 11-12 May
22. Ohakune, North Island: 12-14 May
23. Tauranga, North Island: 14-15 May 2013

return to North America
24. Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada: 15-24 May 2013
25. Burdett (Finger Lakes region), New York, USA: 24-31 May 2013
26. (home) San Jose, California, USA: 1 June – 7 July 2013
27. New York, New York, USA: 7-23 July 2013
28. (home) San Jose, California, USA: 24-28 July 2013
29. San Rafael, California, USA: 31 July – 5 August 2013
30. San Francisco, California, USA: 5-16 August 2013
31. (home) San Jose, California, USA: 16 August – 8 September 2013
32. Boston, Massachusetts, USA: 9 September – 8 December 2013
33. Houston, Texas, USA: 8-16 December 2013
34. (home) San Jose, California, USA: 16 December – 15 January 2014
35. Tampa, Florida, USA: 15 January – 6 February 2014

Why: Because we can. (See also: why not?)

How: airplanes, trains, public transit, AirBnB, your recommendations!

I’ll continue blogging during our travels, and posting on Facebook, flickr, Pinterest, and all that. Feel free to comment here, or email me at satsumabug at gmail dot com, with your thoughts and recommendations. See you somewhere in the world (virtual or otherwise)!


17 responses to “Around the world

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    • Hi Patricia, thank you for visiting! It’s an amazing dream for me too — I still can’t believe we’re doing this; I never thought I would. We’re very lucky because we can both work from home, especially my husband whose work finances most of this. He’s in software so he just needs his computer and a good wifi connection.

      • my website is named DaniellaJoe and my name is Patricia.
        Please don’t feel obligated to answer my question, i’m just looking for ways to finance my “live on the road trip” 🙂

  3. I was looking for information about an Aspava tag I photographed in Istanbul and landed on your blog. What an adventure! I see that your next stop is Singapore (where I’m from). I hope that you’re planning to eat at least once at a hawker centre (avoid the one at Newton and go for Maxwell or Bedok North block 85 instead). I hear that the views from the top of the Marina Bay Sands building is quite impressive (I left Singapore when it was still under construction) and I hope that you like spicy food!

    • Keep calm and eat aspava? 🙂

      Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to comment! Ahhh, thanks for the tips on the hawker centres. We’re staying in Newton so it’s good to know you think we should skip that one. I am not great with spicy food but my husband loves it, so we should balance out! 🙂

      • Exactly!
        Seeing that you have more than a week in Singapore, I’m sure you’ll have the chance to visit hawker centres besides the one in Newton (which by the way, is alright but full of touts, mostly trying to see you expensive seafood). How I miss the spicy food in Singapore! There are many other local food that are not spicy, so not to worry. I hope that you’ll also get to try Peranakan food (Kim Choo’s Kitchen at East Coast Road is pretty good) as it’s a mix of Chinese and Malay regional cuisines.

        • Sounds delicious! Thank you so much! It’s funny, on our European travels last year I missed Asian food so much. This year, with Hawaii, Kyoto, and soon Singapore, we’re making up for everything we couldn’t eat before. 😉

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