Visual diary: without my glasses

If you’re reading this within eight hours of it being posted, chances are, I’m on the plane to Toronto. (Yes: I scheduled this post in advance. Love that I can do that.) Probably I am feeling nervous, daunted, thrilled, and anticipatory all at once. And, since I’m likely on a plane, I expect I’m tired and dehydrated as well.

In honor of this journey we’re starting, here’s a little toast to seeing the world with new eyes. A few years ago Erik was driving us home from my parents’ house and I had a headache, so I took off my glasses. Suddenly the highway became a fairyland of circular rainbow-colored lights, appearing and disappearing across my field of vision. It was simultaneously magical and unnerving (and it gave me new sympathy for cats when we take them in the car; the view outside can be terrifying when you don’t know what it’s all about).

A couple of weeks ago I was headachy and glasses-off in the car again, and I was telling Erik how sad I was that this view was something I couldn’t share with anyone. I couldn’t paint it, since that would require light and putting my glasses back on; if I tried to photograph it, it would just look normal to everyone else. He suggested I put my glasses backwards in front of the camera. Voilà!