A holiday gift for you!

Just as I did last year, I’ve made two one-size-fits-most digital desktop 2014 calendars for you, using photos from our travels. Please enjoy! Once you’ve downloaded, open the compressed file and read the About document for more information. This year there are also alternate wallpapers for selected months, so you’ll have plenty of options to play with. What’s more, the calendars begin this week (December 24, 2013), so you don’t have to wait until January to put them up!

Click any image to download that calendar.

Calendar 1: Botanicals


Includes gorgeous flora from Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, and Hawaii.


Calendar 2: Landscapes

5 MAY (2)

Includes views from Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.
It’s a bit ocean-heavy, but hey, we visited a lot of islands this year!


Very happy holidays to you, my dear friends and readers, and thank you for the support, conversation, and camaraderie. I wish you all the best in 2014!

Somewhat technical info:

  • The botanical calendar is about 20 MB; the landscape calendar, around 15 MB.
  • Each calendar downloads as a compressed (zipped) file, which includes two versions: regular and widescreen. The regular images are 2048 x 1536, while widescreen images are 2048 x 1281. If you had any issues with the resolution on last year’s calendars, this year’s photos are higher-res.
  • These are totally manual “calendars,” which means they’re just curated collections of photos. You’ll have to change them yourself, every month. On the plus side, this means you can mix and match — have a leaf wallpaper this month, a beach one the next!
  • The calendar text is placed wherever it makes most sense aesthetically (as you can see from the above photos), so you may have to move icons around if you want the numbers to be visible every month.