I don’t have a concise blurb for you; I just have… me.

I’ve been blogging since 2001, a journey that has taken me through college, grad school, world travels, and parenthood; art, grief, food, and dance. These days, my posts tend to fall somewhere between essay and list, but in the archive there are poems and videos and audio posts. I document my life as honestly and comprehensively as possible, with the thought, always, of what would I like to remember? what surprises me about this moment? 

Perhaps someday I’ll have a better list here. But for now, here’s a short list of things I have written often about. I suggest you just dive in wherever something catches your eye.

  • Writing: process, snippets, exercises, prompts
  • Visual art (general) (there will be overlap in the subcategories below)
  • Travel: This is a detailed list of places I’ve been, with links.
  • Food (I am not terrific about tagging, so some of these posts are exclusively about food whereas others just mention food)
  • Pregnancy: I wrote about all of it, from early months to labor and recovery.
  • Parenting: I write for my own past self, before I had a baby. I know that self doesn’t totally exist anymore but I just keep trying to explain to her what my new life is like.
  • I have a category named, nebulously, “personal insights“. These posts cover everything from creativity to self-care. Some of them are extremely rambly; some are easier on a general audience. They’re basically things I’ve figured out about myself and my life… which is also kind of everything on my blog, but this gives you a starting point.
  • I also have a category called “diversity“, which is a stupid name, but these posts are important to me.