Voice post

Sorry, audio starts at about 0:12. I haven’t tried to figure out editing yet.



9 responses to “Voice post

  1. Exactly! I learned this read-aloud-while-you-edit thing the hard way, when I was preparing to read an excerpt of a short story I wrote in front of an audience and, while rehearsing, I realized I needed to edit the whole thing over again because I heard it for the first time when I read it. I envy you your voice. So mellifluous, so articulate. Hardly any ums even. How do you do that?????

    • It occurs to me now that I’ve had a fair bit of speaking/recording practice actually: high school speech and debate, teaching while in grad school, singing lessons, and now this audiobook volunteering gig. It’s all made me more conscious of using my voice as an instrument. 🙂

      It would have been fun to hear you read!!

  2. O_O It’s really strange to hear this voice of yours. It’s you, but it’s not you. I guess when I call Devin at work, he always picks up with what I call his “professional voice”. I guess this is your professional voice. 🙂 Hard for me to listen subjectively but I’m sure I could listen to all your audio posts. Especially if you do Lyapa impressions in them all. You are quite good at the rasps.

    • Hee. I suppose it is my professional voice, not that I’ve had much call for one recently. 😉 Perhaps I should do an entire voice post of Lyapa impressions sometime. ;b

    • Thanks, Angelina! I’m looking forward to recording more, though I have to find the right topic. Hee, the car honks one made me laugh too. I’d forgotten it existed and it was a pleasure to discover it.

  3. Got it ! You have a lovely voice for audio posts, Lisa. Warm and friendly.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more.
    (BTW… I’ve found out why I couldn’t hear it before, and it’s probably the reason why you couldn’t hear my audio too,…. my main browser is Firefox and Firefox doesn’t support the audio format of the file. Hence, I listened using IE. Hey presto, you’re there ! 🙂 )

    • Glad it worked finally! Well done on figuring out the issue. I’m so amused that we both posted ourselves speaking within a week of each other. I’m definitely hoping to do more audio posts!

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