Voice Post: Bad drivers = inspiration


“Erik and I just got back from taking Jason to the airport for his trip to Panama — actually we’re still in the car, we’re not back yet — and we were just thinking, since LAX is so congested and so annoying to drive through, that maybe car horns should be equipped with different… types of… sounds, depending on what message you want to give. For example, you could have one that said, [friendly] ‘Hey, I’m here!’ for when you wanted to pick people up and just let them know by pressing this outside their house. Or there should be another one for when someone cuts you off in traffic, that — that says, uh, [loudly and fervently] ‘BLEAGHHHHH!” And then there should be another one for ‘when you’re trying to warn someone that, you know, they should watch out, that says, [shouting] ‘Hey! Watch out!’ 

So… those are [unintelligible], and we think that they should start putting these in cars soon. 

[Erik, in background: “BLEAGHHHHH!”] 

Any other ideas? 

[Erik repeats, in background: “BLEAGHHHHH!”]”

[This post was imported on 4/10/14 from my old blog at satsumabug.livejournal.com.]


3 responses to “Voice Post: Bad drivers = inspiration

  1. bleagh!!

    Haha I could hear Erik in the background going bleagh bleagh!!

    Don’t you think having “honks” like that would get annoying? people in la would use it all the time and then people will start thinking “why don’t they just have one generic beep for all things??” haha. fun to hear your voice though. :]


    • Re: bleagh!!

      Hahaha, I never thought of that. I guess people would want just one beep noise after that. 🙂 After I posted this entry last night we thought of two more sounds you would want on your horn: “hurry up, slowpoke!” and that “whoo-hoo” whistle noise guys make at hot girls. Hehe.

      After we thought of the “bleagh” while we were in LAX, this car totally cut us off and then went all slow, and we were mad at it and we just shouted “bleaghhhh! bleaghh!” at it and we felt so much better. Hahahaha. We felt soooo much better, it was really funny and now I think we will do it all the time. 😉


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