Deconstructed bouquet

I’m really, really happy with this painting. I feel like all my previous flower paintings have been leading up to this one — not that this one is the be-all end-all of flower paintings, but there are things I was trying, with the earlier ones, with line and composition and etc, that now seem to have found a crystallized form in this picture.


Quite frankly, I was having an off-day that felt almost unsalvageable (playing computer games until I lose track of time, scrounging cold food for lunch and then leaving the dirty dishes any old where, wearing several-days’ PJs) and it was making me seriously tired of myself, so I went over to where Erik was working and just kind of snuggled with him for awhile until I felt like a person again. And meanwhile, I got an idea about how to paint my new bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers. An hour later, I had this (click to enlarge):


I adore it. It feels like the combination of realism and expression, flat representation and free interpretation, that has eluded me since I started painting all these flowers every week.

By the way, here’s the original bouquet: