Voice Post: Why I’m audio posting


“(00:01) This is the story of why I started doing audio posts. 

(00:06) I was experimenting with my journal layout a few days ago, um, and I didn’t like any of the layouts that LiveJournal was– was offering. There were some better offerings in the paid, ah, category, so I thought that I might get a paid account. It didn’t cost that much, and I use my journal a lot, and I really like having a journal, so I thought, “Why not. I’ll just shell out a little bit of money and have a paid account, and then I can get these great layouts.” So I did, and that was the main reason I got the paid account, and when I signed up they told me I also had an audio post option. And, I didn’t give this a lot of thought, um, for two reasons. The first is that I don’t really like my voice that much, and the second is that it seemed weird to me to just sit down and tell my thoughts to, basically, the phone… um, I’ve done this in the past, I don’t really like it, I always clam up when I start talking because it seems so weird to be talking to nobody. Um so I didn’t really think about it; I thought, “I’m not going to do this.” 

(01:14) But a funny thing happened, oh, a couple of days ago, to make me change my mind… so I TA on Wednesday mornings — I have a two-hour section that I teach — and since it was the mid-term, I gave my students a… feedback form. I like to do this anonymously: I just give them the handout and let them fill it out and tell me whatever they’re feeling about the section, um, to give me feedback. It’s so hard to tell what they’re thinking when I look out on this sea of twenty or so blank faces; especially at eight a.m., people just don’t seem engaged at all. So I wanted to get their feedback, see what they had to say, any suggestions that they had for future classes. And most of them were pretty run-of-the-mill, um, people just checked the little boxes that I provided, and said a few comments, like “This was not helpful,” or… “Oh I really like this, I’m learning a lot in section.” 

(02:09) One person wrote: “You have the coolest voice. Ever thought of radio?” … and I just got the biggest laugh out of it; I’d never thought about radio, I don’t listen to the radio that much and I really don’t like talk radio. But, it… startled me that someone is sitting in my section listening to my voice and thinking, “This is a really cool voice.” So I had a good laugh about it, I was sitting in the reading room at the time and I couldn’t laugh out loud, so I just laughed silently. I was completely amused, it made my day. 

(02:43) Um, and then I went and ran into Christen, and I told her this, and she didn’t seem that surprised and she said, “You do have a good voice. I think it would be good on radio, it’s very soothing.” And I was really taken aback. I hadn’t expected that. I mean I don’t think I really expected her to say, “Oh that’s really funny, your voice would never work,” but I didn’t expect her to just accept this and say, “Oh, that would, that would be good.” 

(03:06) So then I started thinking about this a little more, and thinking about the audio post option that had just become available to me a few days ago (or actually I guess it was one day ago then), um, and I thought, “You know, why don’t I just try this out? And maybe it’ll be good.” 

(03:24) So here I am, doing it, and it’s difficult to try to come up with something to say and not “um” all the time. But I think this will be good for me. Uh, it’s a good life skill, to just be able to talk on the fly, and especially for someone like me, whose conversation style is really digressive and really babble-y, this will be great. Um, it’s– it’ll be good for teaching, because I find myself babbling a lot when I’m conducting section. 

(03:53) So, I’ll look on this as a fun challenge, and you can leave your comments and tell me what you think!”

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