Voice Post: What I did this weekend


“(00:01) I’m at the airport right now, in San Jose, waiting to go back to Burbank. I went home on… Saturday around noon, and it’s been a very mellow weekend. 

(00:14) I watched TV: I watched Project Runway reruns, again, — um, I am really really in love with that show — I watched the Olympics with my family, which was really fun; I haven’t done it since I was probably in high school. And… I… spent some time with friends, I went to Berkeley, I got a haircut, um, hung out with Shra, Dana, and Maggie. I bought wonderful Italian chocolates from AG Ferrari [1], which I was craving, for a while ever since the New York Times ran the article about the real star of Torino being the chocolate [2]; um, apparently gianduia, um, chocolate-hazelnut mixture, um… originated in Torino, so… I had been craving chocolate hazelnut and I guess the Nutella I had just wasn’t good enough because I went to AG Ferrari and got these wonderful chocolates. Um, I’ve already eaten most of them. 

(01:07) And, um, it’s been a really, really nice weekend. I haven’t gotten that much work done; uh, I always forget, when I get home, that it’s just really hard for me to do work there. I don’t know if it’s that the surroundings are different, or that I’m surrounded by more people and more space than I usually have, but I didn’t get that much done. Erm… but that’s okay. It was a really refreshing weekend, so… I don’t consider it a real loss. I just have to work really hard tonight and for the rest of this week to make it up. 

(01:38) Anyway, it looks like we’ll be boarding soon, so I will sign off now, and… I will probably post some more– not audio posts– but, probably written posts, um, later this week. 

[static-y noise]”

[Note] If the previous audio post was “Lisa’s radio show,” this one is “Lisa on location”: totally on-the-fly; you can see it breaks down a lot less cleanly into sentences and paragraphs.

[1] http://www.agferrari.com/index.php/item/department/All%20Other%20Chocolate/item/5759.html
[2] http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/15/dining/15turin.html?ex=1297659600&en=473d9f0a7aeb5c25&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss