Voice Post: What I did this weekend


“(00:01) I’m at the airport right now, in San Jose, waiting to go back to Burbank. I went home on… Saturday around noon, and it’s been a very mellow weekend. 

(00:14) I watched TV: I watched Project Runway reruns, again, — um, I am really really in love with that show — I watched the Olympics with my family, which was really fun; I haven’t done it since I was probably in high school. And… I… spent some time with friends, I went to Berkeley, I got a haircut, um, hung out with Shra, Dana, and Maggie. I bought wonderful Italian chocolates from AG Ferrari [1], which I was craving, for a while ever since the New York Times ran the article about the real star of Torino being the chocolate [2]; um, apparently gianduia, um, chocolate-hazelnut mixture, um… originated in Torino, so… I had been craving chocolate hazelnut and I guess the Nutella I had just wasn’t good enough because I went to AG Ferrari and got these wonderful chocolates. Um, I’ve already eaten most of them. 

(01:07) And, um, it’s been a really, really nice weekend. I haven’t gotten that much work done; uh, I always forget, when I get home, that it’s just really hard for me to do work there. I don’t know if it’s that the surroundings are different, or that I’m surrounded by more people and more space than I usually have, but I didn’t get that much done. Erm… but that’s okay. It was a really refreshing weekend, so… I don’t consider it a real loss. I just have to work really hard tonight and for the rest of this week to make it up. 

(01:38) Anyway, it looks like we’ll be boarding soon, so I will sign off now, and… I will probably post some more– not audio posts– but, probably written posts, um, later this week. 

[static-y noise]”

[Note] If the previous audio post was “Lisa’s radio show,” this one is “Lisa on location”: totally on-the-fly; you can see it breaks down a lot less cleanly into sentences and paragraphs.

[1] http://www.agferrari.com/index.php/item/department/All%20Other%20Chocolate/item/5759.html
[2] http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/15/dining/15turin.html?ex=1297659600&en=473d9f0a7aeb5c25&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss


5 responses to “Voice Post: What I did this weekend

  1. ?

    what did you use to record??

    Also, radio personalities should avoid lists. They are hard to follow when you can’t see the person. ;] keep up the practice! (heehee)


    p.s. it was very nice spending the day with you and dana (and maggie too) on sunday. it is refreshing to be able to talk to you in person again.

    • Re: ?

      what did you use to record??
      I used my cell phone. All these audio posts are recorded by phone.

      Also, radio personalities should avoid lists. They are hard to follow when you can’t see the person. ;]
      Good idea. Were you responding to my post, or just remarking? 🙂

      I was so glad we got to spend the day together too 🙂

  2. project runway

    only ever episode i saw of that show was the one with the model walk-off. I remember the designer asking for a walk-off between the models and everyone there went ape. I remember all their jaws dropping to the floor, and one guy going “OH NO SHE DIDDDDN’T. IT’S A WALK OFF!” It was a Zoolander moment. I loved it!

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