Scotland in numbers

As I did in Toronto, now for Scotland.

I’m sorry, but this is going to make you hungry. It’s making me hungry, writing it. The food list is just for things I ordered since I can’t possibly remember everything Erik ate as well. (Actually… I probably can remember, but that’s just too much!)

One of Edinburgh's attractive red residential doors.

{As always, mouse over the images for description, or click to enlarge.}

# of nights spent in:
Glasgow: 10
Edinburgh: 31
a yurt in the Highlands (technically Torlundy, outside Fort William): 5

Wildcat Yurt

flights: 1 in, 1 out
length of Toronto-Glasgow flight: 6:35
length of Glasgow-Reykjavík flight: 2:20

time zones crossed: 5

major intercity train rides: 7
hours spent on the train (approx): 13

new stamps in passport: 1

train rides: 11
subway rides: 2
taxi rides: 2

Aerial view of Glasgow from The Lighthouse in the city center.

miles walked (approx): 29.5
parks visited: 3

train rides: 4
city bus rides: 11
intercity bus rides: 3
taxi rides: 2

Bruntsfield Place, close to where it becomes Leven Street.

miles walked (approx): 106
hills/mountains climbed: 1

My walk home from the city center, through The Meadows and Bruntsfield Links.

ferry rides: 2
cars hired: 2 (long story, and not very exciting)

miles walked (approx): 14
hills/mountains climbed: 2


Meals eaten out: 7
in cafes: 3

Hillhead Bookclub in the West End of Glasgow, with an edgy old-library decor.

in museum cafes: 1
at Whole Foods: 1
at the airport: 1
from takeaway shops: 1

Afternoon (or anytime) tea and/or cake: 6

Food-buying trips: 5
at supermarkets: 2
at small groceries or convenience stores: 2
at bakeries: 1

Meals eaten out: 26
in Indian restaurants: 4
in museum cafes: 4
in Japanese restaurants: 3
in cafes or diners: 3

Bangers and mash, fish pie
in pubs or bars: 3
in upscale Scottish/British restaurants: 2
in train stations: 2
from takeaway shops: 1
in Italian restaurants: 1
in Chinese restaurants: 1
in Nepalese restaurants: 1
in Thai restaurants: 1

Afternoon (or anytime) tea and/or cake: 3 (not counting work sessions, see below)

# of meals which were repeat visits to the same restaurant: 1

# of meals which were mediocre: 2
# of times we experienced subpar service: 2 (not the same restaurants as the mediocre food!)

Food-buying trips: 18
at Waitrose supermarket (which I described to a friend as “my favorite place”): 6

Store-brand cheese selection at Waitrose, organized by number according to flavor strength.
at other supermarkets, including local ones: 6
at bakeries: 4
at farmers’ markets: 3
at a Thai grocery: 2
at a deli: 1

The Highlands
Meals eaten out: 10
in cafes: 4
in seafood restaurants: 2

Erik's dinner at Crannog in Fort William, the first night in the Highlands.
in a pub: 1
in an Indian/Thai restaurant: 1
in a Chinese restaurant: 1
from a fish & chips takeaway: 1

Food-buying trips: 2
at a farm shop: 1
at a supermarket: 1


pots of yogurt purchased: 7
ice creams: 4 (including a Knickerbocker Glory)
pots of ready-made custard purchased: 3
jars of jam or lemon curd purchased: 3
scones eaten: 3
packages of [English] muffins eagerly devoured: at least 3
hot chocolates: 1
sticky toffee puddings: 1 (too sweet for me)

Types of biscuits (cookies): 6
Empire biscuits: 5
plain shortbread: 4 packages (shared with Erik… usually)
flapjacks: 3
Millionaire’s shortbread: at least 3
jam cream: 1
custard cream: 1

Sidewalk sign for Lovecrumbs Bakery in Edinburgh.

Types of cake: 10
carrot: 3
Victoria sponge: 3 (including 1 w/a fancy name that was basically a posh cousin)
cute cupcake with a Jubilee decoration: 1

Cupcake with a decoration that says Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
Battenberg (photo below): 1
German marzipan: 1
chocolate-cardamom: 1
chocolate strawberry truffle: 1
white and dark chocolate almond or pistachio something-or-other: 1
fruit: 1
ginger: 1

Battenberg cake

butter tablet: 3
chocolate & peppermint bars: 2
plain chocolate bars: 2
Maltesers: 1
assorted sweets: 1

times I ate salmon: 9
half-dozens of eggs purchased: 7
pies or pasties eaten: 4
mash[ed potatoes]: 3 restaurant sides, 1 batch homemade

My own mashed potatoes, with chives.

bags of frozen Chinese dumplings purchased: 3
packages of oatcakes purchased: 2
tattie scones: 1 package purchased, 2 came with breakfasts at cafes
burgers: 2 (delicious!!)

Kohl Burger at Bar Kohl, Edinburgh. Back bacon and Monterey Jack and BBQ sauce.
times coleslaw appeared in or next to a sandwich: 3
kedgeree: 1 restaurant order, 1 batch homemade
plates of chicken curry: 2
orders of fish & chips: 2 (this seems low, but Erik ordered it often and I shared his)
scoops of vegetarian haggis: 2 (also delicious!)
orders of macaroni cheese: 1
orders of cauliflower cheese: 1

Vegetarian full breakfast at Loopy Lorna's on Morningside Road. Clockwise from top left: veggie sausages (really these were tasty croquettes), veg haggis, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, tattie scone. Also baked beans in the center.

Types of sausages:
links (including chipolatas): 5
square sausage: 3
sausage rolls: 1 sausage meat baked in rich pastry, 1 link sausage in a soft bread roll
veggie sausage: 1

sessions in cafes: 9 (versus 5 in 2 months in Toronto — clearly a tea culture helps my writing)
teas purchased: 7
cake purchased: 7

life drawing sessions attended: 5

journals partially filled: 2

adults met: 4
cats met: 1
friends reunited with: 1

Lighting flying lanterns in The Meadows with new friends Aga and Scott, two nights before we left Edinburgh.

dinner parties attended: 1
ice cream outings with friends: 1
cake with friends: 1

concerts attended: 1

garments purchased: 6
accessories purchased: 3 (jewelry, scarves, shoes)

(garments/accessories given away, tossed, or donated: 10)

art museums: 6
old cemeteries: 2

The atmospheric Necropolis, Glasgow.

stately homes: 1
sculpture gardens: 1
castles: 1
towers: 1

Stairwell at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

purchases made at charity shops: 4
pens/markers purchased: 4
books purchased (and then left behind): 4
post office visits: 4
hair salon visits: 1

Sitting in the bay window of the Edinburgh flat, after my haircut.

SIM cards purchased: 1 for each of us
art prints purchased: 1
ceilidhs attended: 1