Iceland in numbers

I did this for Scotland and Canada, and now it’s time for Iceland. As I type this I’m in the National Library of Iceland, but since I’m scheduling the post in advance, by the time you’re reading it I’ll be in London. Wow.

As before, the food numbers are just for me, not Erik as well.

# of nights spent in Reykjavík: 49
# of apartments: 2

Myself at work, reflected. In the spacious double living room of our second apartment.

{as always, mouse over images for description/notes, or click to enlarge}

flights: 1 in (Glasgow-Reykjavík), 1 out (Reykjavík-London)
travel time from Reykjavík to the UK: 2-3 hours

time zones crossed: 0
(However: daylight-savings time is not observed in Iceland, so in the summer there’s an hour’s time difference between Reykjavík and the UK.)

new stamps in passport: 1

cars rented: 1

bus rides: 2 (to and from the airport)

taxi rides: 1

kilometers walked (approx): 190 (118 miles)
swimming pool visits: 7 (to 3 different pools)

Hot pots at Vesturbaejarlaug, the pool at 107 and my favorite of the 3 we visited.

photo from

meals eaten out: 26
in Icelandic/Scandinavian restaurants which did not specialize in seafood: 6
in cafes: 4
in museum cafes: 3

Counter of the Kaffitár café at the National Museum.
in Icelandic seafood restaurants: 3
at hot dog stands: 3
in Thai restaurants: 2
in noodle restaurants: 2
in other Asian restaurants: 2
at food trucks: 1

eggs boiled in geothermal springs: 1

# of meals which were repeat visits to the same restaurant: 1 (the famous hot dog stand!)
# of meals which were mediocre: 2
# of times we experienced subpar service: 1

food-buying trips: 52 (in other words, every day — and sometimes multiple times in a day)
at supermarkets: 28
at bakeries: 11
at 10-11 (the convenience store): 3
at markets or outdoor vendors: 3
at health-food or organic markets: 1
at tourist centers: 1
at Asian groceries (Thai or Vietnamese): 2
at a specialty deli: 1

# of times I purchased skyr, plain or flavored: 15

Skyr topped with pineapple and cream.

ice creams eaten: 2 (strawberry, rye bread)

Rye bread ice cream, a specialty at Café Loki across from Hallgrímskirkja

Types of pastries eaten: 9
muffins (chocolate, apple, walnut): 3
cheese buns: 3
various things with custard: 2
ham/cheese croissants: 1
small cinnamon rolls: 1
large cinnamon rolls w/icing: 1
kleina (knot): 1
Berliner: 1
waffles: 1

Types of cake eaten: 10
carrot: 5
eplakaka (apple cake or pie): 3
skyr cake (like cheesecake): 3
meringue: 2
chocolate: 2
roll cake: 1
hamburger shaped: 1

Cupcake filled and decorated to look like a hamburger
rum: 1

Wrapped rectangular rum layered cake from Björnsbakarí
mousse: 1

Types of cookies eaten: 9
hafrakex (a crisp, slightly sweet oatmeal biscuit): 3
íslandskex (taste similar to American animal crackers) with chocolate coating: 1
marzipan things whose names I don’t know: 2
Napoleon’s hat: 1
sandwich: 2
florentines: 1
chocolate… not chip, but chocolate bits: 2
rice cakes w/chocolate & coconut on top (not reallllly a cookie): 1

Types of jam/marmalade purchased: 3
rhubarb: 2
strawberry: 1
imported orange and chocolate from Spain: 1

Types of bread purchased: 7
flatbread (regular or spelt): 8
normalbread: 3
multigrain: 3
muesli: 1
poppy seed roll: 1
rye (yogurt, Danish, malt…): 4
various scones/skonsur: 3

Delicious bread and butter at Sjávargrillið restaurant.

ordered in restaurants: 5
purchased fresh (haddock, blue ling): 2
purchased as gravlax: 3
purchased as frozen fiskibollur (fish balls) : 2
purchased fresh but pre-breaded (always haddock, always super delicious): 3

lamb entrees ordered: 2
lamb legs purchased: 2
packages of sliced smoked lamb purchased: 3
half-dozens of eggs purchased: 5
swedes (rutabagas) purchased: 4

open-faced sammiches purchased: 5
hot dogs eaten or shared: 15

Icelandic hot dog: with remoulade, brown mustard, ketchup, raw onion, and crunchy fried onions.
orders of pizza (both seafood): 2

Types of soup eaten: 4
kjötsúpa (meat soup, which really means lamb): 1
húmarsupa (lobster soup): 4
onion soup: 1
lamb goulash: 1

Lamb goulash (more herbs and tomato... or paprika?... than Icelandic lamb soup) at Kjarvalsstaðir.

Types of sauce purchased: 7
gravlax sauce: 1
mayonnaise: 1
alioli (imported from Spain): 1
remoulaði: 1
hot dog mustard: 1
yuzu jalapeño: 1
soy sauce: 2 🙂

Types of cheese purchased: 5
Maribó: 2
smurostur (spreadable processed cheese): 2
Tindur: 1
Búri: 2
Ísbúi: 1

non-Reykjavík towns/cities/parks visited: 6
museums/galleries visited: 5 (NOT including the below)

Phallological Museum... which we did NOT visit!
concerts attended: 8

Stage for final UNM concert, inside a recital hall at Harpa concert hall.
libraries visited: 3

Enjoying the children's area of the Nordic House library.
geothermal parks visited: 2
hot rivers bathed in: 1
churches visited: 1 (2 if you count inspecting the outside of one, but not going in)

Landakot church, up a little hill next to downtown Reykjavík
fireworks shows attended: 1
cemeteries visited: 1
botanical gardens: 1

sessions out: 16
at cafes: 10
at libraries: 6

teas purchased: 5
cake, cookies, or muffins purchased: 9

flea markets & yard sales visited: 5

Icelandic wool products purchased: 3 (2 cardigans, 1 pair handwarmers)

Inside the 107 apartment, wearing my new lopapeysa (Icelandic wool sweater)
pairs of socks purchased: 2
non-wool garments purchased: 1
swimsuits purchased: 1
swim goggles purchased: 1
pairs of tights purchased: 1

haircuts: 1

Post-haircut and post-hot tubs.

small tubes of hand cream purchased: 2

books purchased: 4

post office visits: 4

taper candles purchased: 20

cats met: dozens

Fat, fluffy grey cat rolling on the sidewalk on a sunny day