Outside Edinburgh: Tantallon Castle (East Lothian, part 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s post: One of the most dramatic and beautiful sights Catriona and Stuart took us to on Sunday — in a day of fabulous sights — was the ruins of Tantallon Castle, a 14th-century fortress set on a headland. There’s not much left of the castle, really, but it’s an atmospheric structure, and the site is just breathtaking. (Well, probably it’s freezing cold and windy and wet much of the time, but not on the day we went!)

Signboard and castle


{as always, click to enlarge}

I’m quite tired so I’ll just put all the descriptions in mouseover. We went dancing tonight (at a ceilidh!) and we leave Edinburgh tomorrow on a train to the Highlands, so it’s been a busy day. But these photos follow the path we took, exploring the castle, so they should be a good walking tour!


View of the visitor center, with my back to the castle

Dovecote on the grass

Closer to the front of the castle. There's greenish stone in the center part where it was rebuilt.

Inside the entrance area, looking back toward where we came in. There's a little plaque saying Queen Victoria visited -- Erik pointed out that it's basically a fancy "I was here."

Funny half-doorway set into a corner

Up on the battlements!


Castle on the sea

Dovecote from above

Lovely grassy area behind the main wall of the fortress, backing onto the ocean

Higher up in the castle

One of the walkways through the castle

View toward the sea from one of the highest points in the castle

View of the castle well from the top of the fortress

Looking down into the entry area

Erik going down some stairs.


Lisa trying to look natural in one of the doorways

View of Bass Rock

Castle and so much grass

Great Hall

View of the castle through one of the doorways

View of the ocean through a window


View of another headland


View of the castle from the edge of the headland

Many thanks again, Catriona and Stuart, for giving us such a glorious day. 🙂

So next week and the following Monday and Tuesday, we’ll be in a yurt in the Highlands, where we will have no internet (and no electricity, either). If I happen to get to internet in town, I’ll post, but if not — this blog will be on vacation until the 9th, when we arrive in Reykjavík (!!). Talk to you soon!