Toronto in numbers

We leave for Glasgow tonight.

Here are our past two months, in numbers, as of yesterday morning. The numbers are for me only; Erik’s numbers would look slightly different, though naturally there would be a lot of overlap.

I didn’t set out tracking all this stuff so I could compile this post; I realized this post was possible when I saw the level of detail at which I’d been recording our expenses. (Also, I have a good memory.)

# of nights spent in:
Toronto: 49
Mississauga: 6
Montréal: 3

USA (San Jose, CA): 4

Between our building and the neighbors', in Toronto

Toronto: alley between our building (L) and the neighbors’ (R)

flights: 8
hours spent in the air (approx): 21.5
hours spent in airports (approx): 14

intercity bus rides: 1 (Toronto to Buffalo, NY)

View from window of Megabus

View from window of bus, somewhere around the US/Canada border

new stamps in passport: 2

cars rented: 1

transit tokens purchased: 54
weekend day passes purchased: 6

taxi rides: 1

ferry rides: 2

***edited to add*** km walked (approx): 209.4

transit passes purchased: 2

Station Laurier, Montréal

Station Laurier, Montréal

Bixi (bike) rental: one 24-hour period

***edited to add*** km walked (approx): 39.5


meals eaten out: 3

meals eaten out: 42
in Korean restaurants: 10
in Canadian/American restaurants: 9
in Japanese restaurants: 7
in Chinese restaurants: 3 (including one Hakka, or Indian-Chinese)
in Italian/Portuguese restaurants: 3 (in Little Italy the distinctions are not always clear)
in Vietnamese restaurants: 2
at 1000 Tastes of Toronto: 2
in taquerias: 2

Assortment of tacos

Assortment of tacos at Grand Electric, Parkdale district, Toronto. With Jen of

at a fish & chips place: 1
in a Czech restaurant: 1
in a Caribbean restaurant: 1
in a Thai restaurant: 1
in an Indian restaurant: 1
at a Malaysian booth at a festival: 1

Booth at 1000 Tastes of Toronto

Booth at 1000 Tastes of Toronto, Distillery District

# of meals which were repeat visits to the same restaurant: 3
# of meals which were mediocre: 2

bakery visits during which I made a purchase: 17
Korean: 7
Italian/Portuguese: 3
Canadian/American: 3
French: 2
Greek: 1
Chinese: 1

Dried fruit-filled bun from Harbord Bakery

Fantastic pastry filled with dried fruit, from Harbord Bakery, Toronto (the bun has a name but I can’t remember it)

Tim Hortons donuts consumed: 2

ice creams, gelatos, and popsicles consumed: 13

Cones at Ed's Real Scoop

Cone selection at Ed’s Real Scoop, Leslieville district, Toronto

Drinks purchased while out and about: 13
fresh juices and lemonades: 5
Davids Tea iced teas: 4
bottled juices: 2
afternoon tea: 1
Starbucks iced tea: 1

Afternoon tea on Victoria Day at Montgomery's Inn

Afternoon tea on Victoria Day at Montgomery’s Inn, outside Toronto

Food-buying trips: 41
At produce or farmers’ markets: 15
At smaller grocery or convenience stores: 13 (includes 1 tortilleria and 1 Ethiopian grocery)
At supermarkets: 13 (includes 1 Korean and 1 Portuguese)
At specialty or gift shops: 3

An alternate reckoning
quarts of yogurt purchased: 7
trays of cooked handmade dumplings purchased: 6
cheeses purchased: 6
dozens of eggs purchased: 4
loaves of bread purchased: 4
bags of frozen dumplings purchased: 3
takeout trays of fried rice: 2
packages of fresh injera: 1
mac & cheese cooked: 1

Injera and other ingredients

Injera and other ingredients, from an Ethiopian convenience store on Bloor West near Ossington, Toronto

loaves of bread baked: 2
dozen cupcakes baked: 1

teas purchased to steep at home: 6 sachets, 5 bulk packets of about 10g each

visits to farmers’ markets: 7 (Dufferin Park, Bloor/Borden, St Lawrence)
visits to fruit market on corner of Bloor and Manning: 6

tacos consumed/shared: 9
orders of Asian noodles: 5 (pho, jajang myun, pad see ew, ramen)
orders of fried rice: 5
sandwiches ordered: 5
plates of dumplings ordered: 4
orders of katsu donburi: 2
orders of mac & cheese: 2
orders of Korean fried chicken: 2
orders of chicken paprikash: 1

Two chicken legs (!), bread dumplings

Chicken paprikash and bread dumplings, Prague, Queen West, Toronto

…and the reason I’m now reducing my intake of refined sugars and flour:
buns or scones eaten: 12
times I purchased cookies either as a package, or as singles: 11
types of cake eaten: 9
custard tarts eaten (either Cantonese or Portuguese): 3
chocolate desserts or candies consumed: 2 (this is unusually low)

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie from the Dufferin farmers’ market, Toronto

meals eaten out: 9
in Canadian restaurants: 5
in a French restaurant: 1
in a Polish restaurant: 1
in a Peruvian restaurant: 1
in a Chilean restaurant: 1

Stuffed crêpes

Stuffed crêpes for breakfast at B&M Restaurant, Mile End, Montréal

meals which contained some kind of egg dish: 4

drinks purchased: 6
bottled water: 2
juices/smoothies: 3
iced tea: 1

bakery visits during which I made a purchase: 4
Canadian: 2
French: 2

White paper bag with pastries in it

Croissant and other pastries from Boulangerie Guillaume, Mile End, Montréal

ice creams consumed: 1

food-buying trips: 2
farmers’ market: 1
grocery store: 1

Honeys for sale

Honeys for sale, Marché Jean-Talon, Montréal

sessions in cafes: 5 (I thought it would be more)
drinks purchased: 3
snacks purchased: 3

life drawing sessions attended: 4

journals filled completely: 1
journals partially filled: 2

reunited with: 3
adults met: 11
kids and teenagers met: 3
toddlers and infants met: 3

dinner parties attended: 1
dinner parties hosted: 1
dinners out with friends: 4
brunch out with friends: 1

concerts attended: 5
classical: 3
jazz or other: 2

Audience members at a free concert through the Canadian Opera Company

Audience members before a performance by the Yiddish Swingtet. Part of the Canadian Opera Company’s free concert series. Four Seasons Centre, Toronto

visits to Honest Ed’s: 2
garments purchased: 9
accessories purchased: 13 (jewelry, bags, scarves, hankies, shoes, umbrella, undies)

(garments/accessories donated or brought back to San Jose: 11)

art: 1
history: 1
mixed art, natural history, etc: 1
shoe: 1 (half-off tickets online this week!)

Staircase at the Royal Ontario Museum

Staircase at the Royal Ontario Museum

PO boxes rented: 1
public library cards obtained: 1
SIM cards purchased: 1
art prints purchased: 2
massages: 1
visits to medical clinic: 1
medications purchased: 1
hair salon visits: 1
meditation sessions attended: 1