Writing portfolio

I’ve been writing extensively and diversely for years — everything from personal travel stories to product descriptions for my Etsy shop. There’s a general list of my publications here, but the samples below showcase the quality, readability, variety, and voice I would bring to Covet.

Etsy product descriptions

I ran an Etsy shop singlehandedly from 2009-2012, so besides my core work of sourcing and creating handmade items, I also composed every item of text related to the business: a monthly newsletter, craft-fair signage, online store policies, and product descriptions. The shop is now on hiatus, but these samples are representative. Click on images to enlarge.

EtsyQuilted EtsyVintageWoods EtsyYoga

Blog posts

I have been blogging regularly on my personal website since 2001, writing about art, travel, food, and my daily life. Click on the images to read complete posts.

BlogSoap BlogTO BlogJupiter BlogGlenfinnan BlogMouffetard

I’ve also written guest posts for other blogs. These tend to have a more magazine-like, general-audience tone than the posts on my own blog.


I’ve also had many years’ experience writing for an academic or educational audience, and writing fiction and creative nonfiction. Those samples are available by request.


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