Hello from London!

We are in the city — and I am on the point of collapse from having walked more than 8 miles today! I’ll go to sleep in a bit, but I had to write to say we got here safely. And I’m eating organic fruity oat biscuits, which are delicious.

Admiralty Arch

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Our hotel room is dismally small, but it’s across the street from a Tube station and a Waitrose (if you remember my Edinburgh posts, you can imagine my glee), and within a quick walk from Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, several museums, and the largest Whole Foods in the world (!!!).

Kensington Palace and a statue of Queen Victoria.

Pond in Kensington Gardens.

Cheese room at Whole Foods in Kensington

Bulk section of the largest Whole Foods in the world

Yesterday’s flight to Heathrow arrived half an hour early (yay Icelandair) and we spent the afternoon and evening seeing dear friends: Ron, who was on the last day of his European holiday, and Cathy, who invited us to a special screening of an amazing short film, Gallop, for which she was creative consultant. It was the best possible welcome to London… and I forgot to take pictures with either of them!

Today I went to an incredible life drawing session, for which I’m endlessly grateful to Esther of Spirited Bodies since I never would have found it on my own (indeed, I don’t even know what it’s called!); there were over 100 artists, and we also got tea and biscuits! I’ll post more pics another day, when the light is better.

Two watercolors of a standing male model

Erik met me after that, and we fought our way across crowded Piccadilly Circus to Chinatown, where we walked down a side street and ended up in a perfectly lovely Taiwanese restaurant. I miss Reykjavík very much, but London, it almost goes without saying, has its own brand of magic.

A few more pics from our walk around Kensington today.

Super cute building exterior

Sign for Cornwall Gardens

Nicely dressed gentleman


And my walk after life drawing.

Full moon over buildings

Trafalgar Square by night