Eee aaa ooo ex-er-cise!*

I’ve subscribed to a few new blogs and newsletters lately, including Apartment Therapy LA and Chill Out LA. This morning I got an email from Chill Out with a deal for a free mini-facial and mini-massage with purchase of a private or semi-private Pilates session at local studio Syner-G. So I called them, and they were very nice, and I’m now booked for a private session this Saturday morning. My!

I used to think of private fitness sessions as something available only to those rich in both time and money, but lately I’ve been reconsidering. Not that I’ve got so much money, not that I have nothing else to do with my time, but devoting more of each to improving my health and fitness level is starting to seem like more and more of a good idea. I already spend money like water on less important things, while neglecting to take care of myself internally. So why not put some of that money away toward getting fit? And a private session should do more toward that goal than, say, just popping in a DVD or going for a walk, since I’ll be getting a personal consultation with someone who takes care of other people’s bodies for a living.

Well, we’ll see how it goes. I’m getting awfully tired of feeling fat and tired all the time. I hope this will be a good jump-start to a healthier lifestyle.

*This is from a bit that used to play on Sesame Street when I was a kid… Wei-Ling knows. 😉

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