Preview of *incredible* official photos

Carlo has posted previews of his photos from our shindig! You can access them by clicking here. [link removed]

Some highlights: (Clicking the images below will take you to a larger version, but not to the album; see above for album link.)

From our ceremony/lunch:

Erik and me getting married!
L - Lisa and Erik attentive (BW)

Alexander has escaped the family photo.
L - Alexander escaped

Shra and Al at lunch.
L - Shra and Al laughing

Emily (sister-in-law) playing piano.
L - Emily playing piano

The four of us girls listening to Emily play piano.
L - Four Hsia girls

From the banquet:

The cake and the restaurant.
B - Restaurant

More cake!
B - The cake

The guestbook.
B - Guestbook

Albert (cousin).
B - Albert

Erik and me doing our toasting thing.
B - Lisa and Erik toasting2

Daddo toasting us.
B - Daddo toasting

Mommy talking to Gong-Gong (her dad).
B - Mommy and Gong-Gong

I don’t know what I’m telling them, but it looks like I really mean it.
B - Lisa showing her muscles

From the picnic:

Menzies and Jennifer.
P - Jennifer and Menzies blowing bubbles

Al and a frisbee!
P - Al with frisbee

Al and Geraldine, the pirate ninjas.
P - Pirate ninjas2

Little Alexander (our nephew!) chasing bubbles.
P - Alexander and the bubbles
(Doesn’t this picture just make you want to run up to him and pick him up?)

Patrick up a tree!
P - Patrick laughing in the tree

The twobugs.
P - Lisa and Erik by the bridge

Again, see the entire album here. [link removed]

We couldn’t have asked for better photos. Carlo is an amazing photographer– and this isn’t even his full-time job! Visit his site here to find out a bit more about him (most of the portfolio is password-protected, but you can see some of his other photos on my journal).

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