Preview of *incredible* official photos

Carlo has posted previews of his photos from our shindig! You can access them by clicking here. [link removed]

Some highlights: (Clicking the images below will take you to a larger version, but not to the album; see above for album link.)

From our ceremony/lunch:

Erik and me getting married!
L - Lisa and Erik attentive (BW)

Alexander has escaped the family photo.
L - Alexander escaped

Shra and Al at lunch.
L - Shra and Al laughing

Emily (sister-in-law) playing piano.
L - Emily playing piano

The four of us girls listening to Emily play piano.
L - Four Hsia girls

From the banquet:

The cake and the restaurant.
B - Restaurant

More cake!
B - The cake

The guestbook.
B - Guestbook

Albert (cousin).
B - Albert

Erik and me doing our toasting thing.
B - Lisa and Erik toasting2

Daddo toasting us.
B - Daddo toasting

Mommy talking to Gong-Gong (her dad).
B - Mommy and Gong-Gong

I don’t know what I’m telling them, but it looks like I really mean it.
B - Lisa showing her muscles

From the picnic:

Menzies and Jennifer.
P - Jennifer and Menzies blowing bubbles

Al and a frisbee!
P - Al with frisbee

Al and Geraldine, the pirate ninjas.
P - Pirate ninjas2

Little Alexander (our nephew!) chasing bubbles.
P - Alexander and the bubbles
(Doesn’t this picture just make you want to run up to him and pick him up?)

Patrick up a tree!
P - Patrick laughing in the tree

The twobugs.
P - Lisa and Erik by the bridge

Again, see the entire album here. [link removed]

We couldn’t have asked for better photos. Carlo is an amazing photographer– and this isn’t even his full-time job! Visit his site here to find out a bit more about him (most of the portfolio is password-protected, but you can see some of his other photos on my journal).

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7 responses to “Preview of *incredible* official photos

  1. OOOOOOOOOOH my goodness.

    1. you’re right, ALL of those photos came out spectacularly well!!! this is of course, helped by the fact that carlo had incredibly great subjects for his photos!!! ^_-

    2. you guys (and everyone!!) look so HAPPY!!!!! *BIIIIIG HUGS ALL AROUND* CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

    3. dang. i’ve been away from california too long.

    4. was that really albert and daniel?!?! GROWN UP?!?!! *faints*

    5. ohmygoodness for all of the stress and stuffs that you were writing about going through, your shinding sure looked like it turned out perfectly!!!!!!! AAAAH I’M SO HAPPY FOR THE BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! (i was all yelping to myself when i saw the pictures with erik and his ring “he has the ring! he hasthe ring! omg he has the ring!!!” *laugh!*) and i really really like your red and gold necklace!!!!!!!!

    6. may you and erik’s happiness expand eponentially forever and ever and ever~~~~~ *MUCH love to the both of you*

    – judy

    • Hi Judy!!!

      Thank you for the well wishes! 🙂 We wanted to send you an invite (though we figured you wouldn’t be able to come) but weren’t sure how to reach you. 😦 Come back to CA and we’ll meet up! 🙂

      The shindig really did turn out perfectly. I wouldn’t have changed a thing, except for bringing a sun hat to the picnic! For all the stressing and arguments/”discussions” (with parents as well as with Erik to a lesser degree), everything was just the way we wanted it and we couldn’t be happier. 🙂

      The necklace is from Indulgems. The designer hand-makes every piece and all her jewelry is really pretty! You should check her out. 🙂

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