Exercise, part two

The private Pilates class was great! I feel sooo amazing right now: strong, yet relaxed and comfortable.

See how happy I look?


Is that a new coffee table? And bowl? And big houseplant? Yes!

My upstairs neighbor is moving to New York (Noooo don’t go away nice neighbor! Who knows who will move in after you?) and she is selling pretty much everything in her apartment. And by “selling” I mean “basically giving away,” because she is asking such nice low prices. She let me come up last night to see if I wanted anything before it all went into her yard sale this morning, so I took the coffee table and two houseplants, a kitty scratching post/tower, and some miscellaneous dishes. The coffee table and the plants really make the room look a lot better.

[before and after images no longer available]

There’s going to be a sofa where that mattress is now. Something went wrong in the delivery and we got the slipcover and bed mechanism of our IKEA sofabed, but not the sofa itself. (I know… what the heck?!) Notice how Lyapa always follows me around. 🙂

Well, I am off to have my second breakfast. I had a navel orange and a hard-boiled egg before Pilates class, and now I will have some of my own whole-wheat/white bread (new recipe, and it’s delicious– I’m going to keep experimenting to make it even better), some English butter I got from Trader Joe’s yesterday, and some more kumquats.

I have been obsessively eating these kumquats. If you have never had one, this is what mine taste like: you pop the whole kumquat into your mouth. The inside flesh is so tart it makes my shoulders shiver and my tongue tingle. But the thin skin is all sweetness and pure flavor, and it mingles with the tartness to make a mouthful of exquisite contrasts. In other words, they’re like nothing else I’ve eaten, and they’re addictive.

I’ll leave you with one more photo. Did you know Tisha likes to read comic books?


Caught in the act!

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