Inequitable distribution

Jackie and I went to Sephora today to pick up makeup and tips for this weekend. We were lucky enough to find a makeup artist who actually understood what I wanted (“natural” meant natural, not “2 inches of caked-on so-called ‘natural’ makeup”), who set me up with some very nice products and gave me wonderful advice for using them, and we had a great time.

But I have now, in one afternoon, spent enough money on makeup to feed a starving child three meals a day for two months*, so please don’t let me do any more shopping for a long time.

I doubt I will stick to this, but it would be good to remind me. In my defense it has been years since I bought any really useful makeup, and I recently went through my huge collection and realized nearly all of it was from early college or even high school, so I threw it out. So it was high time for a restocking.

But still.

*according to one charity’s website

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