Ninja fight!

Another media addition to our (so far very incomplete) chronicle of the shindig: NINJA FIGHT!

Erik and I had bought a pair of these awesome foam swords at Toys R Us, hoping to inspire goofyness at our picnic. My worst fear was that no one would get the point (ha ha) of them, and they’d just sit around being $9.98-worth of worthlessness.

As it turned out, my fears were unfounded, for Al and Geraldine monopolized them the entire time, to great effect. Over the course of the afternoon they worked out a script, fashioned additional props (shields) out of frisbees and masking tape, and proceeded to act out their duel many times, always to the amusement of all of us onlookers.

I present it to you here, courtesy of Jennifer, for your viewing pleasure.

P - Pirate ninjas

(My favorite part is when they stomp towards each other then pivot on the spot to face one another. It cracks me up every time.)

(To see the original inspiration, go here.)

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