Awesome vintage coat

Hello everyone!

Remember how back in October I went to Crossroads on Melrose and found the coolest vintage coat ever? Three-quarter-length green brocade? Well, guess what? Today Jennifer and I were shopping on Melrose again, and at a different store I found the other coolest coat ever!

I know, I know, I sound spoiled and I’m gushing. But this coat is really really awesome-er than the other one (now I’m not even being grammatical) because (1) it’s more unique and (2) it actually fits me, while the other is about one size too small. It’s a knee-length black short-sleeved coat with peach lining, in mint condition, and it was going for less than $40. It’s not at all a contemporary silhouette; it’s almost smocklike and it has no buttons or zippers or any other closures. My educated guess is it dates from the late 1950s or early 60s; my money would be on the latter. I think the sleeves were left short to show off the long gloves women used to wear then at evening occasions.

Here I am showing off the lining:
Lining with inset

I put on that outfit just so the lining would show better. 😉 Here’s what it looks like from the front. You can see it’s cut really differently from contemporary outerwear.

And here’s the side. I bought this coat so hastily–I spotted it just as Jennifer was finishing up paying for the lovely dress she bought–that I didn’t realize until I got home and was taking these pictures that the coat has pockets!
Side with pockets

Wearing this coat makes me feel like a lady. 😉

By the way here’s a photo of Jackie Kennedy in an apricot silk coat and dress ensemble, visiting India in 1962. That coat also has cropped sleeves and you can see she is wearing gloves.

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6 responses to “Awesome vintage coat

  1. hmm…

    i like the lining very much but i’m still trying to figure out the sleeves… are there bows on them or what? what are the little sticky out bits? and are you going to have to buy long gloves now too? but nice length and your pointy shoes look nice with it. :] hopefully i’ll be able to see it in person soon enough so i don’t have to keep wondering.


    • Re: hmm…

      No bows on the sleeves. The sticky-out bits are the ends of the sleeves–they’re permanently rolled up and there’s a little v cut out of them so they’re like… –v– at the ends, get it? 😐

      I’m not getting long gloves. 🙂 Unless I want to dress up as an early-sixties lady for Halloween, which I now just might do some year.

      YES COME VISIT! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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