Afternoon in Little Tokyo

Jennifer, Margaret and I had a great afternoon in Little Tokyo today. We wandered around, ate, and shopped. Jennifer got a lot of nice things she’ll use to decorate her apartment (one of which required her to carry a bamboo stick around everywhere we went), and I got the coolest little glass cat. It’s teeny tiny and has this fabulous mischievous/evil/knowing expression.



We spent a lot of time at the 98¢ store–we especially enjoyed the many packages of Japanese kitchen goods. Most of them were implements we didn’t recognize, and since the packages had no English on them, we were left trying to figure out their purpose based on the pictures. “What’s this? It has a picture of a pot on it… and milk…” That particular one stumped us for a long time until I finally took it to the register and asked the clerk to help us out. She explained that they were packets one puts in soup to absorb excess oil. Ah, thus the pot. But… why the milk? She was confused until she read the caption underneath. Voilà–the packets are made of recycled materials, such as milk cartons!

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