My latest goal, or I guess it’s more a resolution, is to explore something new about LA every day. I decided this yesterday while I was getting off the bus at campus, and soon after made the discovery that the Murphy Sculpture Garden is right behind the history building. That made me feel stupid; I’d been wanting to find the sculpture garden and all this time it was just beyond the area I traverse every time I go to class. Talk about being locked in my own little world.

Anyway, today I made my explorations by going to the post office and shopping. The post office was in a section of Hollywood I’d never been to before, so that was fun, and actually so was waiting in line because: the line was held up by these two guys who were busily walking in and out of the building unloading what must have been at least thirty boxes. At first I didn’t realize anything out of the ordinary was going on; I saw them standing at the first window handing a big package to the clerk. Then they left and came back with more boxes, and more boxes, and at that point I realized suddenly that there were already more than a dozen boxes stacked up in the corner next to their window. The boxes were all different sizes; some of them were actually two boxes taped together, and while some were those white official USPS packing boxes, others were obviously packing cases for other products. I have no idea what was in their boxes, or where they were going, but it was funny to watch them being piled up. Sure, their enterprise delayed my getting my own packages, but what was the point of getting mad?

For shopping: I went to the Crossroads nearest my apartment and got a warm wool sweater, but then I thought I’d try out the Melrose store too. Oh my. So much amazing stuff. To protect my rapidly diminishing bank account I didn’t even look at most of the merchandise, just picked out a really cool hippie-looking yellow-flowered scarf and even cooler vintage dark green brocade coat, paid my money to the adorable cashier (so many pretty and snappily-dressed gay boys I saw today!) who called me “hon.” I know where I’m doing my shopping from now on.

Now my apt smells good because I’m making Jamaican rice and beans in coconut milk.