Three things

One. I had dinner at Baja Fresh (two dinners, actually–one “mini quesadita” and one charbroiled Mahi Mahi taco, which was also pretty “mini”) and gelato (lemon cream and Irish cream) at Naia Gelateria (I liked the name Mondo Gelato better, but Naia serves its gelato in adorable flower-shaped plastic cups) with Dana. Excellent. We are so weird. And we are making plans to see each other every week, which makes me very happy.

Two. I am a semifinalist for the Mellon fellowships, which I never expected. In fact, I so did not expect this, that when Shra asked what the award was I was unable to tell her the details. And I just spent an hour frantically trying to figure out what I wrote on my application so I can figure out what I’ll be expected to talk about at the interview. Eek. I’ve never had a real, dress-up interview before. I read over their interview rules, and the terms of the fellowship, and started to get pretty freaked out. This is a big thing. I need to start doing yoga again (I haven’t done it for two weeks since I’ve been concentrating on dance) so I won’t have too much nervous energy and I’ll remember how to breathe deeply and relax!

Three. My friend Marshall, who works at Lafayette School where I tutor, is a drummer and he and his friends are performing tomorrow (Friday) night at the Luggage Store Gallery in SF. It sounds like a fabulous show–they’re improvising sound effects for a live big-screen-projected game of Pacman. Details and description:

The Luggage Store Gallery Presents:
(1007 Market St. at 6th)
Friday the 13th of Feb 2004

A night of Sound Performance, Video and Art.

Murder Murder
Paul Costuros -Clarinet, Trombone
Marshall Trammell – Drums
Chris Dixon – Drums
Liz Allbee – Trumpet

Manuel Sanchez – Paint
Diana Nucera – Cello

Plus some more!

Program notes:

Murder Murder, a rotating cast of musicians put
together by Paul
Costuros, will be performing a piece called Pac-
Man. Tonight it
involves Costuros on Clarinet and Trombone, Liz
Allbee on Trumpet,
Marshall Trammell on Drums, Chris Dixon on drums
and a fifth person
playing the arcade game Pac-Man which will be
projected on the wall for
all to see. Once the game starts, all the
musicians improvise at once.
Each musician has a different ‘Power Pellet’
assigned to them. When
there Pellet is eaten by Pac-Man, then they take
a solo for the
duration that the ‘Ghosts’ are eatable. Then
when the Ghosts turn
back, everyone will join in again. If the Pac-
Man is eaten by a Ghost,
then all the players will stop untill the game
starts again. This
piece explores the need to get rid
of ‘President’ Bush.

currently: going to do some work, REALLY.

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