Random thoughts of the evening

1.I can make fabulous crêpes in my new cast-iron skillet.
1a.As soon as I get some more money I will get some more cast iron cookware. Next on the list is a pot, with lid, big enough that I can cook rice in it.
1b.As soon as I have some more money and time I will throw one or two parties centered around food. Now that I have a great crêpe-making skillet I will need to have another crêpe party. They cook a lot faster in this skillet too so I won’t have to be standing over the hot stove for an hour flipping pancakes. Also I want to have my long-planned cheese party, finally, though this has nothing to do with my skillet and everything to do with Ruth Reichl’s books.

2.Speaking of Ruth Reichl I have just put down Tender at the Bone, unable to read for tears. It’s just not a good idea to read a honeymoon chapter when your own love is not present. One line in particular just jumped out at me out of nowhere and reminded me so much of Erik that tears fell before I could even think about it. But I’m okay now. I just won’t go back to that chapter until this weekend. And I refuse to think about what will happen if I don’t get in to Bay Area grad schools. I’ve wasted enough time worrying about that and I’m already anxious enough as it is.

3.I’m starting to get very nervous about my interview on Friday. I just found out last night, courtesy of Google, that the one history professor on my committee is actually an adjunct professor in history and philosophy, and his web presence is definitely biased toward the philosophical. Three of the other professors teach English. I hope my statement of interest for the fellowship wasn’t one of those in which I started off by explaining that I used to be an English major but discovered I didn’t like it. I did start some of my grad school application essays that way. I’m wondering what on earth they’ll grill me about, and whether I’m prepared to deal with intensive questions on a paper I wrote a year ago. Besides that, I’m also worried about the logistics of my trip–should I wear my interview clothes the whole day? If I don’t, what am I going to pack them in? I don’t get a hotel room or anything so whatever I bring I’ll have to carry around with me all day. Aiya. Would anyone like to hear about my thesis, who hasn’t already heard about it? I need to get it back into my head.

currently: going to bed now because I am going to work tomorrow morning at eight; I’ve changed my schedule so that I can have some more time in the afternoons

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