Another dream

You know the news is getting to you when it starts popping up in your dreams. This has happened to me multiple times before. This time it’s apparently all the furor over gay marriage that’s getting to me. I had a long and complicated dream (aren’t mine always!) last night that I can’t remember all of.

It was night and I was living in a place with many other people, adults and others my age. Like boarding school maybe? Everyone was asleep but I was awake. A fellow boarder, a boy in my dance class who I know to be gay (we’ll call him X), came to me and said if we wanted to finally go to the place where we could be free, we’d better leave now under cover of darkness. So I quickly packed and we left, suitcases in hand. I remember thinking, oh, I guess I’m gay too. I don’t know if I know that I’m dreaming while I’m dreaming, by the way.

So X and I steal away and we’re both going to our respective partners. What happened after this is very hazy, but anyway he found his man and I discovered that my partner was a close female friend of mine.* (See this is weird, if I dream unaware that I’m dreaming. I am aware that I find things out as I go.) I knew that we were partners for life, and I had given up my past life so that we could be together, and therefore I was willing to make any sacrifices for us.

I’m going to call my partner Y. After I found out that Y was my partner, more hazy stuff happened that I can’t remember. I do remember that later there were people who thought we shouldn’t be together (the reason X and I had to flee at night, I guess, to try to escape these enemies), and to my complete shock but not condemnation, Y shot them all, point-blank, before they even got close enough to us to say anything. Maybe I did know I was dreaming because I remember being surprised that Y was capable of doing such a thing. Anyway, so she shot them, and then we had to run away. I hid her in a beautifully furnished secret house, and visited her when I could, but it was definitely stressful to keep everything hidden.

I don’t know exactly what my stance is on gay marriage. I understand the pro-gay-marriage point that confining same-sex partners to civil unions will end up perpetuating many Americans’ view that homosexuals are different in a bad way. But I guess I can also concede that yes, the technical definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. Is the main problem with civil unions that they’ll make gays seem like second-class citizens? Is the problem just the terminology? Or do individuals in civil unions actually get fewer legal rights? I don’t know. Anyone? In my ideal world, anyway, there wouldn’t be these labels of straight, gay, or whatever. People would just be, and that would be that. That would make explaining sex to their kids a lot more difficult for parents, that’s for sure. But I really do believe everyone should have the right to love who they want, and that all these lovers should have the same rights, given that any relationship has the capacity to be a good one or a bad one, gay, straight, or whatever. Well, polygamy is something else. I don’t have a problem with it if everyone involved really doesn’t mind, I just don’t think our society is equipped to deal with the issues it would raise with, say, divorce or parenting or inheritance.

*I won’t say who Y is, because although I say I’m “not as ‘straight’ as some people”, this particular friend is indeed very straight and would probably be weirded out to know I was dreaming about her as my partner. The dream was completely nonsexual, as a matter of fact; that she was my partner was a fact, not a feeling. But I think she’d still be weirded out.

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2 responses to “Another dream

  1. so i guess Y’s the butch one in the relationship…

    You do have odd dreams. but let me tell you about mine with the vampires… no wait. actually i won’t tell you. but i’ll let you know that i was a man in that dream… and people also got shot. but i’ll let you make up the rest. especially since i don’t dream in detail apparently. or at least i can’t remember. ;p

    why is marriage between a man and a woman? i mean, just wondering in a linguisticly minded way. i mean… where did the word come from? is the root somewhere back to like… man + woman? interesting. and i hadn’t really thought about it but i suppose i am pro-gay marriage. i mean… why shouldn’t they be allowed to be married to the one they love? nobody should be deprived of that… okay that is it. and for a little bit of more regular gir-related shra randomness…

    inside the house computer, gir says “where is my mouth?”, slamming a taco around the house.


    • Re: so i guess Y’s the butch one in the relationship…

      Haha well Y is not a butch person. so it’s funny to think of her in those terms. You know her. Ahaha I’m not surprised someone got shot in your dream. You and exploding things.

      I thought about why marriage is between a man and a woman also. Then I decided it was probably because that’s the only combination that can make kids with nothing but their own bodies. ;b But it’s like vegetarianism–yes, cave people had to eat meat because heck, they had to eat what they could get. But it’s silly to say that just because people have always eaten meat, now that we have the resources to eat balanced vegetable-based diets, it’s wrong. So far I haven’t gotten that argument, personally, but I know that there are people out there who so firmly believe God made humans to eat meat that they tell that to vegetarians! Same for marriage–people now can adopt or have surrogate parents or whatever, so why does marriage still just have to be between two people who can naturally have kids together?

      TACO! I had a taco tonight. 😀 I had a taco, a quesadilla, rice, beans, and chips. ;b And lemon cream and Irish cream gelati. Mmm.

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