Adventures in decay and procrastination

Dear future self,

Have you ever noticed that while you’re making things, you always feel alive and useful, and quite often even really happy?

And have you ever noticed that sitting around fretting about what to make, and wondering how it will turn out, nearly always makes you feel like a loser and a waste of space?

Consider that contrast, next time you’re procrastinating. Life is really too short to feel like a waste of space for even a single minute. I figured this out today and I want to save you the trouble so you can make art instead.

Remember. Always just make something. You’ll feel better.


the self you were today

PS. A reminder that you put off painting these flowers for three days because you thought they would be too wilty to be interesting:


PPS. And while we’re on the topic of feeling better: you also like making soup with lots of vegetables and herbs in it.