Outdoors around Oakland

Over the weekend we learned there is a lake a short drive from our apartment. Technically a reservoir, Lake Temescal is situated in the hills next to a freeway, and offers fishing docks, a swimming beach (the season starts next month), picnicking, and some uphill trails. The park isn’t large but on this warm Sunday it was well populated and very pleasant.

Can you spot the bird in the below photo?


Wheelchair-accessible fishing!





Erik stands by a cool rock formation and gorgeous trees.



If spring isn’t here yet, the weather is certainly giving a good imitation of it. I’ve gone from shivering to sweating seemingly overnight. I hope this doesn’t mean an intense, early summer — you know how I am about heat!


If it stays mild and pleasantly breezy, however, I’m looking forward to spending some time on our little back deck. Yesterday I went to a fascinating estate sale. There was an incredible amount of Arts & Crafts furniture and dΓ©cor, California pottery, typesetting equipment, and a big yard full of potted plants, many of them in rather lovely pots. I wandered around dazed for a bit, then picked out a small assortment and brought them home. Later in the afternoon I returned for more.


I’m thinking I should put a chair out here!