A painting a day: #18, Temari

If you haven’t kept up with this project, here’s a quick summary: I did the first 12 paintings all on the same big sheet of paper. Those were all fairly realistic still lifes. For the second sheet of paper, I’m doing more free/abstract reworkings of all the paintings from the first sheet. The idea is that since the first sheet gave me practice in rendering objects accurately from life, the second sheet will be practice in painting freely, without so much care for the way things really look.

My original garlic painting was pretty straightforward: a pleasing arrangement of six cloves, rendered realistically, against a simple pink background. I decided I wanted to shake that up by redoing all the colors in a more psychedelic vein. It didn’t come out anything like I intended, but colorful it certainly is (hence the title, Temari).

I forgot to take process photos while painting the cloves, but here is the almost-finished painting. I did the background by dabbing colors onto a wash of plain water. I need a lot more practice with that technique.


Then I decided I needed a little more contrast, so I did one more layer of highly saturated color on top of the existing colors in the cloves. It’s not a big change, but I think it helps.


Here’s an inelegant side-by-side comparison (made in Photoshop):


And the continuing progress of my project:




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