Back Bay Fens, Boston

Our internet here has been really spotty, so I may not be doing regular long posts for awhile. We’ll see.

I’m still feeling really inspired/motivated by our time spent in Paris museums (and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum here, which I hope to get a chance to post about later), so I’ve been turning our internet downtime into sketch time. Yesterday I walked around the Back Bay Fens.




I tried to draw some of what I found so magical about the trees. Here’s one of the pages from my sketchbook.



5 responses to “Back Bay Fens, Boston

    • Oh thank you! 🙂 Not Chinese ink — same pen I used at the Rhys Chatham show, but the paper is different. It’s just white paper, but I bought the book from Deyrolle on Rue du Bac. 🙂

      I think in my ideal world I would spend some time in Paris every year! 😀

  1. Gosh I love the trees. You have grown tons from your trip! And what a book Lisa, your art has grown tons on this trip Congratulations LIsa. I am really behind in your blog and it’s getting busy around here but I’ll be back to see Paris and whatever else I missed. Happy Holidays Lisa You can have a whooping good show of your work when you come back. what an artist book! what a journal! what a book to publish parts of your observations. You’ll be busy for a long time when you come back.

    • Oh thank you, Carla. 🙂 Happy holidays to you too!!! I’m finally starting to use my sketchbook more, after Paris, so I hope that will keep up and then I will have more and more to play with once we come back. 🙂

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