Three quick photos from Boston

This morning:



I have decided that manual typewriters are the calligraphy of the printed word; they look so much cooler because the inking is uneven.

Around noon, at Hall’s Pond Sanctuary, not far from our apartment:



We had a lovely, lovely evening of conversation with an old friend. Then we got home and the internet was back up! But now it’s time for bed, so more tomorrow.


4 responses to “Three quick photos from Boston

    • Ahh, I saw the posters for that movie and watched the trailer online. It looks really cute!! I’m glad to know you liked it. I hope it will come out in the US with subtitles because when we watched the trailer we didn’t understand anything. ;b

  1. Lisa your note on the manual typewriter looks so arty. I love it. I do not know why but when I look at those two photos above I feel so relaxed and wanting to go for a walk.

    • Oh thank you, Aga! I love the look of the typewriter text too. I hope you got your walk — I imagine (and see from your photos) that Edinburgh must be so beautiful right now when the weather is good enough to go for walks.

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