Schools, museums, libraries, and other public spaces of Boston

The apartment internet is working briefly, so I’ll share some photos!

The weather has been very mild — warmer than Paris, most days — and we’ve been enjoying walking around. I respond to Boston the way I responded to Edinburgh, which is to say, it’s very beautiful but it doesn’t stir my heart the way some other places do. But that’s not to say I’m not having a good time. Boston is quite different from California, but still infinitely more familiar than, say, Reykjavík or Istanbul, and that’s a tremendous relief after so many months on the road. It’s also a good city to work in. Erik spends part of most days in a student lounge at MIT, where there’s free wifi; I alternate between writing/sketching/painting days and going out exploring and shopping. And we’ve been seeing friends almost every day, which makes me very happy.

{Mouse over images to read notes/description; click to enlarge.}








2012 Dec 8 - Snowflake






Five more full days here, and then home. And tomorrow is my birthday, and it’s 12/12/12! Momentous!


9 responses to “Schools, museums, libraries, and other public spaces of Boston

  1. The elevater door (funny!), the character sculpure, your sketches and
    the snowflake … I loved so many of these photos.

    And: Happy Birthday to yooo! Happy Birthday to yooo! Happy Birthday dear Lisa … Happy Birthday to yooo! ❤

    • Oh thank you, dear Ré!! Your birthday song brought me such a grin that morning. 🙂 Glad you liked these photos. I didn’t fall in love with Boston the way I did with some of the other cities we visited, but I was pretty productive there, and had a very very good time exploring and hanging out with friends. So it was a wonderful return to the US. 🙂

  2. 1. Happppy Birth day, bon (or is it bonne?) anniversaire! יום הולדת שמח!
    2. What great sketches! special notice:
    – Leaves are an adorable the sharp zigzag lines with the two widths, and the attempt to aim for texture and not form.
    – Roundness and rapidness of the lounge.
    – Photo exhibit watered down. with the offcentered perspective, that is also softened by the lightness of the center.

    Keep on changing! and have the bestest Bday so far! (or perhaps even the bestestest!)

    • Merci merci! 🙂 It was a grand birthday! And thanks for the comments on the sketches! I did a good number of them in Boston — Paris sharpened my eyes a lot. 🙂 As did you!

  3. First of all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL. Amazing post, there is so much in it. thank you for sharing your journey, your discoveries, your art and Thank you for sharing yourself. you are beautiful, wise and creative goddess.


    • Oh thank you thank you, Aga!! Thank you for sharing yourself and your giving heart and loving thoughts, always — on your blog, in cards and emails, just as you did in person when I was so lonely in Edinburgh. 🙂

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