Quick update

My friend Jinny is in town, and we spent a happy afternoon shopping. After months of solo shopping (or shopping with a foot-dragging partner, which is infinitely worse), it was very, very enjoyable to go out with a friend. 🙂 She took this pic of me, enjoying organic tea and sporting a new orange hat with which I am in love. You can’t see much of in the pic, but it’s basically a shaped felt cloche with a funny folded bit on one side. A little saucy and 1920s.

Lisa in new hat, with tea. Photo by Jenny (Jinny) Ly Ha.


In other news, we are going to Hawaii at the end of January, and will fly from there to Kyoto at the end of February. So the ball is rolling on continued travels in 2013. 🙂


10 responses to “Quick update

  1. Better look at the hat, please.
    And yes, I can’t bring my man shopping. He sucks out all the fun. He never “oohs” and “aahs” or wants anything. Instead of looking at stuff, he watches me, like my face is a clock.

    • Thanks, Mo! 🙂 I’ve been eagerly wanting to buy a hat here, so I was delighted to find one I like at a reasonable price. (Needless to say, beautiful hats at unreasonable — for me — prices are a dime a dozen… or, at the current exchange of dimes for dozens, 200€ each. ;b )

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