Quick note (with silly photo of us)

It’s our six-month anniversary of travel — we left home on 25 April. 🙂 What a very long time ago that seems now. And we are celebrating… by (knock on wood) getting over a rough few days’ bout of upset stomach, hence my brief disappearance from this blog. Well, I was expecting to have tummy trouble somewhere on the road, given my tendency to it even at home, so I’m just glad it hasn’t happened before now. Erik and I were hit with it roughly at the same time and we’re recovering at about the same rate. As travel illnesses go, this was hardly bad, but the first day of it was quite uncomfortable. It is really nice to have my appetite and energy back!! (And for distraction, it’s hard to beat a time-travel/romance/historical-fiction series where all 7 books are around 1,000 pages each — it’s like getting Harry Potter all at once.)

I won’t write much now, since I need to go to bed, but I’ll leave you with these photos from Monday:

Sketch of the Queen's Courtyard at the harem of Topkapı Palace

Topkapı Palace, Harem, The Queen’s Courtyard

Lisa and Erik dressed in old Turkish costume

Yep, we did this. Erik was not eager.