Sketches of Reykjavík

I’ve been trying to do more sketches around town, and it must be working because my Moleskine is starting to fill up.

Sketch at Súfistinn Bókakaffi

{as always, click photos to enlarge, or mouse over for description}

Sketch of the inside of a cafe above a bookstore

As in Scotland, nobody pays me any attention when I sketch; in fact, no one seems to notice at all (except for two girls at last week’s outdoor jazz concert, who stood behind me gabbling excitedly in I don’t know what language). 

Sketch at Volcano House cafe

Sketch of the interior of Volcano House cafe

I notice I can draw for longer sessions than previously, and I’m also making fewer misjudgments of perception and getting a better feel for which details to include and which to leave out. Good. Positive reinforcement!

Sketch at Tjörnin (the city pond)

Sketch of the pond

Sketching in public is starting to become enough of a habit that last night, while waiting for a free concert to begin, I took out my sketchbook and started to draw the performance space. I worked on the drawing during all the breaks between pieces! You can’t really tell what it is… but I remember the place so much better for having drawn it.

Sketch of the inside of a performance space at the National Gallery

I miss the life drawing sessions I did in Toronto and Scotland (my host here was kind enough to call an artist organization for me — she’s a photographer — to confirm there were no such sessions here, at least not during the summer), but I’m attempting to keep my hand in with hasty sketches of random people. As I found last week, outdoor concerts are good for this.

First of three sketches made at an outdoor concert

(I don’t feel right drawing during indoor concerts, because there I feel I’m too much of a distraction from the performers. But at outdoor venues I think some distraction is a given, and I’m surely less obtrusive than noisy kids or sirens or whatever.)

Second of three sketches made at an outdoor concert

Third of three sketches made at an outdoor concert

After I got home from that concert I felt inspired to try another rendering in color, so I sat down with my paints. I made it look like these two are in the same band but they’re not. (Don’t worry, I’ll share their music later; it’s worth its own post!)

Two musicians rendered in watercolor

And here is a completely gratuitous photo of myself, snapped in the convenient full-length mirror of the restroom at the National Gallery. I’m very happy with my colorful outfit. 🙂 (You can’t tell from the pic, but my scarf is dark purple and my pants are dark teal.)

Lisa in cat hat and striped long cardigan