Cats of Reykjavík

After one of my recent posts, Munira asked if there were no cats in Reykjavík. Never let it be said that I gave that impression! On one memorable afternoon/evening as we were walking around town, we saw fourteen cats. We’ve seen fat cats, a tailless cat, a thin little one just out of kittenhood, friendly cats, cats who showed us the most supreme indifference, cats who appeared friendly and then snubbed us royally, cats hanging out together, cats facing off, and one cat who was totally nice to me until she suddenly grabbed my wrist and bit my hand. Munira, this gallery is for you!

{I’ve never tried out this “gallery” thing before, but if you click on any one of the photos, it’ll take you to a big version with description, and you can then use the arrows to navigate to the other photos}