Edinburgh: Last life drawing session (maybe?)

All the Young Nudes is moving venues and may not meet next week, so this week’s event may have been my last life drawing session in Scotland. Also possibly my last one for months, since I haven’t yet been able to find any in Reykjavík (or the other cities we’re thinking of visiting after Iceland). So it goes! At least I had a lot of fun at this one.

Short poses sketched in dark blue pencil

{as always, click to enlarge or mouse over for commentary}

Last week I wanted to use my watercolor pencils, but I forgot my waterbrush. This week, I was thinking of using the markers I’ve been using for the street sketches, only I left those at home! Go figure! So I went back to the watercolor pencils, but I didn’t make as much use of the wash as usual.

Standing pose in dark rose pencil

Seated model sketched in turquoise pencil

Lightly sketched standing model

Lightly sketched model lying down with head propped on bent arm

Seated rearview in sepia pencil with wash

Sketch in light and dark green of standing model with arms folded behind head, unfinished from thighs down

As I always say, I’m so grateful I’ve had these opportunities to keep up the life drawing while abroad. They’ve been great practice and also good times to meet and talk to locals (and other visitors), so I’m doubly thankful!