Edinburgh: Sketchbook (castle, shops, aerial view)

Three sketches (and their real-life counterparts) from Friday and Saturday out around town.

{As always, click to enlarge, or mouse over for commentary.}

Edinburgh Castle from below

I think I’m learning to make better use of my pens (compare to some of theย earlier sketches). Street sketching isn’t as tiring anymore either; I’m getting faster, and I even did one of these from partway up a hill trail. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Shops on Princes Street

Sketch held up alongside the "real" view

The following is the sketch from partway up the hill. Erik and I went together on Sunday and climbed the trail to the top (photos another day!).

Sketched view from hill trail

Sketch held up side-by-side to the actual view

Hard to believe, but we only have 11 days left in this storied city!