In the interests of full disclosure

Seen on the side of a pho restaurant on Ossington Avenue:

"In the infinite moments that it takes to read this you'll have lived forever."

In the past few weeks I have been up and down. Mostly up, but I have had more than my usual portion of insomnia, sadness, and self-doubt, and Erik and I had a week or two of regular squabbling. It makes sense. We’re away from our communities, my natural cycles (all of them) have been disrupted, and reports from home are that my Gong-Gong is nearing the end of this life. I always forget how much change affects me, until I find myself teary for “no reason” and awake for hours worrying about everything.

I’m writing this because I don’t want to give the impression that our traveling life is nothing but fun times and Korean food.* When we get invested in showing only the good side, we don’t just misrepresent ourselves to others, we also misrepresent the nature of life itself. I’m talking about those times when status updates on Facebook make you feel you’re the only person not living it up/doing important work/becoming famous/canning your own fruit. So yeah, I’m occasionally miserable, but I accept it as part of the game.** And when I’m not miserable I am having a grand old time. That is the way it goes!

*However: there is a lot of Korean food. Make no mistake!