Open Mic Friday: you talk: word association

Happy first Friday of April, my very dears, and welcome to the Open Mic! If you’re new here, on Fridays we get together here for some chat. (Sometimes there’s a guest artist instead.) The topic varies from week to week, but everyone is welcome to participate in the comments.

Gesture painting from May 2011


Let’s play a word association game — I’m curious how this will work, since I suspect everyone’s brain operates a little differently and therefore our answers might vary greatly. Earlier this week I responded to Chelsea‘s comment on one of my artist statement posts, explaining what I think of when I hear the word “resonant.” I told Erik about it, and he offered another word, “gesture.” I said that makes me think of dancing as an active demonstration of gesture; of gesture poses in life drawing; of my own body standing at an easel; and of the reciprocity between my painting/drawing (making marks with my body) and the models’ gestures (making shapes with their bodies). In other words: say “gesture” to me and you open up a rich web of individual memory and sensation and association.

Want to play? Let’s try it! I’ll give a word, and you tell me what it makes you think of. Then you give a word to the next person. (If you forget to give a word, I’ll pop in and add one.) Feel free to jump in as many times as you wish — the mic stays open all weekend.

Here’s the first word: reciprocity. Remember: (1) Tell what it makes you think of, (2) Offer a new word to the next player.

See you in the comments!