Visual diary: Palo Alto, California

I spent yesterday in Palo Alto meeting up with friends. Among them was Belinda, whom I met at my first FabMo craft show in 2009. Although her family is from England, she grew up in Palo Alto, and she was able to introduce me to some places I’d never been (even though Palo Alto is only half an hour’s drive from San Jose, where I grew up). After tea, we went to Gamble Garden, a 1902 estate built for the son of James Gamble (as in Procter & Gamble) — driving past Steve Jobs’s unexpectedly beautiful house on the way.

Click any of the images for zoom and further description; mouse over for titles.

Cherry blossoms

Delicate lacy foliage

Orange ranunculus

"Carot" tag in the teaching garden

Pacific Coast hybrid iris, Warm Pink

Purple iris


Camellia japonica 'Daikogura' (Great Sacred Dance)

Hellebore 'Lenten rose'

Green hellebore

Santolina virens 'Lemon fizz'

Arctotis 'Peachy mango'

For dinner downtown I met a writer friend, Will, and we shared sandwiches and pastries at Paris Baguette. Paris Baguette is a Korean bakery/eatery with a glitzy urban-Asian-Vegas kind of décor. At one point Will got up and while I was waiting for him I noticed the mirrored ceilings. I couldn’t resist the chance to take an “aerial” view from below:

"Aerial" view, Paris Baguette cafe

You can barely see it, but I’m holding the camera between my hands.