Open Mic Friday! you talk: homely things

Safety pins in a dishHappy Friday, good companions, and welcome to the Open Mic!  If you’re new here, on Fridays we get together here for some chat. (Sometimes there’s a guest artist instead.) The topic varies from week to week, but everyone is welcome to participate in the comments.

One of this week’s writing prompts asked for a list of the homely, ordinary things of life: ham sandwiches, a coat with a missing button, an empty water bottle. I had such fun compiling my list, and then going around my parents’ house finding examples to photograph for this post. It surprises me how individual the list seems — but I guess that is what happens when you really look into the small things that make up a home (or office, or car).

Cat dishesI’d like to know some of the ordinary items from your life. Words are fine; you don’t have to take pictures (unless you want to!). Share 5-10 homely things from your life. They can come from anywhere: your house, your place of work, someone else’s house, even your imagination.

I’ll join with some more of my list, in the comments. See you there!

(PS. If you are fascinated with the props of other people’s homes, as I am, I highly recommend Alan Bennett’s The Clothes They Stood Up In.)