Reading stats

It has been brought to my attention — by multiple people — that I read a lot. I guess I do, but I don’t think much about it, because (a) I feel that most of the books I read aren’t of “serious” literary merit, and (b) I always have. I remember being very young and going with my dad to the Almaden library, where the nice librarian told me that I’d reached my checkout limit of 25 books and would have to put some back — unless my dad would check them out for me on his card. Of course he did so, and we left the library mutually pleased, carrying plastic grocery bags filled with books.

In sixth grade Language Arts, Ms Delbridge had a big chart on the wall showing how many books each student had read. For a long time I was neck and neck with Becky Olson, and I remember trying to cram in one last book on the last Sunday before the final book count was due. It was one of Terry Brooks’s “Shannara” series (how I loved those!) and by reading madly all afternoon, I managed to finish the whole thing. Those books are about 500 pages, by the way. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. The final count had me so far ahead of everyone else it was almost embarrassing.

My 2012 reading stats, taken from Goodreads and my own memory:

# of weeks in 2012 so far: almost 12 (that is: 81 days, not counting today)

# of books completed: 44
# of books started, but not yet completed: 3
# of favorite books I’ve re-read during this period: at least 5 (maybe I should start noting this on Goodreads too)

# checked out from library: 25
# purchased used, orΒ swapped: 9
# purchased new: 7
# borrowed from friends: 6 (hi Anna and Kenyon!)

# which were e-books: 9
# which were audiobooks: 1

# of Georgette Heyer romances: 17
# of mysteries: 16
# of graphic novels: 8
# of nonfiction: 6 (7 if you count graphic memoir)

# which were written/published before 1950: 16
# which were written/published between 1950-2000: 21
# which were written/published after 2000: 10

For comparison purposes, here are some other stats:

# of movies watched this year: 4

# of hours TV watched this year: <1

# of miles walked: about 50

# of posts on this blog: 48 (including this one)