Open Mic Friday! featuring our house

Happy Friday, dazzling friends, and welcome to the Open Mic! If you’re new here, on Fridays we get together here for some chat. (Sometimes there’s a guest artist instead.) The topic varies from week to week, but everyone is welcome to participate in the comments.

Wednesday was moving day for us. We left the East Bay house we’ve rented for three years, and moved down to San Jose for two months before our world travels. It felt like the right time to leave, so I wasn’t too sad. But I wanted to do something to document our experience there… and I thought some of you regular readers (or house voyeurs like me!) would like to see where we’ve been living for the entire duration of this blog.

I was inspired by the opening scene of Pride & Prejudice to do a video tour of the house as it was on Wednesday morning, just hours before we packed our remaining belongings into a U-Haul. I held my digital camera in front of me and just walked through from room to room, and into the beautiful day outside. Then I loaded the result onto my computer for my first-ever attempt at video editing.

Here are a few photos of the house as it was (furnished):

My writing and painting desk

Office/studio: My writing and painting desk

Living room

Living room

Dining room

Dining room/kitchen

Happy weekend to you all!