Checking in from San Jose

The move is done. We’re in San Jose now, house-sitting for Ayi (my aunt with whom we stayed in Taiwan). We didn’t want to bring too much stuff in, so we occupy just one bedroom, and a little bit of the kitchen sometimes. I like the simplicity of this existence.

This morning we took our first exercise in about two weeks, walking the 1.9 miles from Ayi’s to my parents’ house. That felt good. We’ve basically been dividing our time between these two houses: sleeping here, eating most meals there. There is a little illusion of normal life because we’ve been cooking (black beans, chicken soup, collards), but actually the activities of moving continue. I’ve been organizing my possessions at my parents’ house, and we’ve brought things to Erik’s parents too; later, I’ll be driving around with donations and special recycling (batteries, old meds, that kind of thing).

However… I think it’s safe to say now that the bulk of the moving obligations are done (almost done with the second 90%?)… and I’m eager to get back to work. I’ve been writing a lot in my journal, and reading some wonderful books which will surely inspire future posts (just finished Peggy Orenstein’s SchoolGirls, and am 70 pages into Sister Wendy’s nearly-400-page The Story of Painting). I’m looking forward to reestablishing my regular creative habits!