Get ready… the new blog launches Monday!

I mentioned yesterday in passing a workshop I attended a week ago, Anthem Salgado’s The Art of the Hustle. Today I invite you to read my writeup of the experience, over at the Philippine American Writers and Artists blog. In the post, I describe how I went into Anthem’s workshop not really knowing what I hoped to get out of it, but left it with genuine artistic goals and plans… the biggest of which is a total revamp for this blog!

Full speed ahead


As I explain in the PAWA post, I didn’t realize until near the end of the workshop that my scattershot web presence really bothers me. I have so many sites:, the shop, Facebook, this blog, my personal blog, and flickr for photos (not to mention LinkedIn and Goodreads and all these other communities of which I’m a member). I have some regular followers on every site, but they seem to be pretty discrete (for instance, very few of my newsletter readers also read this blog). The main site,, was intended to be a central hub, but instead it has only added to the commotion. Not only does the almost total non-overlap between sites make them feel disconnected, but it keeps me in constant catch-up mode trying to update everything separately. I want a coherent, cohesive community I can reach out to with my work: I’d like to have a single strong hub site like Mo does over at, instead of just these dozens of different sites that barely speak to each other.

So how am I going to bring everything together? I’m a writer, perhaps above all else; for me, the key is this blog. When I began this blog it was actually private, just a space for me to jot down my doings every day to keep myself on task. Over time, it’s outgrown this role, but I haven’t stopped thinking of it the same way. The time has come to use it differently.

Here’s what’s going to change around here, effective Monday afternoon or evening:

  1. The blog will look different. I’ve enjoyed this three-column “newspaper” theme, but I know it confuses some readers, and it won’t serve my new concept. So, come Monday, the blog will transform visually/navigationally.
  2. Each day will have a different topic:
    • Monday will be art day. I’ll share a drawing or painting, and the process of creating it.
    • On Tuesday, I’ll describe the previous week’s artist date or some other creative outing (like Anthem’s workshop).
    • Wednesday will be devoted to crafting projects, or shop news. It’ll be a photo-heavy post for humpday!
    • Thursday will focus on writing, particularly process: challenges, discoveries.
    • Friday will be “open mic” day, where I’ll share my own writing, invite fellow writers to share their work, and feature guest writers from time to time.
  3. I may write posts in advance; in fact, I suspect I will have to, since some of these will take a bit of planning.
  4. This will be my main blog; I don’t want readers to have to jump back and forth between this one and my personal blog! I will continue to write long, intimate entries there, but will link those in separate summary posts on this blog, so following this blog alone will get you all the posts on both.

Whew! Got all that?

I’m super excited about the changes. If I do this right, my new blogging style will help me prioritize, because it will ensure that I devote big chunks of time each week to each of my major pursuits (otherwise I’ll have nothing to write about!). These themed posts will also give me deadlines to work toward: new writing by Friday, serious drawing to start the week, a little crafting, and regular artist dates. Could everything be coming together perfectly? I sure hope so! Stay tuned, and come back on Monday afternoon or evening to witness the new blog in all its glory!

Are you excited too? Does this sound like a good thing for the Satsumabug Art Blog?