This has definitely been my crazy month

The past week has been completely bananas, as you might have guessed from the lack of updates here. When we weren’t spending as much time as possible with our Tisha-cat, we were seeing family and friends, and doing our best to squeeze in some work in between. Thankfully thankfully thankfully, Tisha made it through his surgery, which means things can go back to some kind of semblance of normal here (at least for the time being!).

When I picked Tisha up from the vet hospital yesterday, the nurse told me what he needs most is “just rest, and plenty of water and food.” After I got him home and settled, I sat down to write, and it occurred to me the nurse’s advice wasn’t a bad prescription for myself either. This week has left me so drained. All I want to do is rest, eat homemade food, drink spa-style water and tea, and do lots of restorative yoga. But I also don’t want to lose the work momentum of the past few weeks. So the balancing act continues!

Perhaps it’s lucky that Tisha’s recovery requires his confinement in a single room. He has so often kept me company while I work; now I will keep him company while his body does its work. I’ve been holing myself up in the bedroom with him (to Lyapa‘s annoyance), drinking iced tea and writing and thinking while he purrs on my lap or at the foot of the bed. Bedroom conditions aren’t perfect for writing, but getting away from the computer is good for perspective and for brainstorming of all kinds.

I had thought Tisha’s ailment and VONA and reprioritizing would be upheaval enough for July, but on Saturday I went to a workshop that stuck a stick in my head and stirred everything up yet again. I’ll write more about this on another day, but basically, I went into the workshop with no specific expectations, and I came out of it realizing that I need to better define “my art,” that I want a bigger audience for it, and that there are concrete steps I can take toward meeting these goals. And this blog will play a major role in it, as I’ll explain later!

new batch of Moo cards

new batch of Moo cards

For now, I’m going to have some lunch and then return to the bedroom to hang out with Tisha — but I leave you with this image of my new batch of Moo cards!