A social weekend, with kitties

I am astoundingly out of it this morning. It’s grey, rainy, and very windy outside, the kind of Monday morning that makes me wonder if the week decided to sleep in today too. I can’t believe it’s almost noon. I should have been doing my morning pages hours ago, but I interrupted myself in them so many times, I’ve decided just to give them up until later. They’ll be afternoon pages today.

Jinny's birthday 2010

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I guess it makes sense that I’m kind of slow today; I could use a bit of recovery from the weekend. On Saturday we had lunch with cousins in Berkeley, then dropped by my parents’ and Erik’s parents’ houses in San Jose (an hour away), before heading out again to Jinny‘s BBQ birthday party in Sunnyvale (half an hour or so from SJ). It may all count as the Bay Area, but constant travel always takes its toll. Yesterday, we drove to Cupertino (another twenty minutes from SJ) to pick up food for a Mother’s Day brunch at Erik’s brother’s place, and showed his family our HK pics… then returned to my parents’ house for a bigger Mother’s Day dinner gathering, and a much more detailed slideshow and talk about our trip. Erik commented that evening, “You gave two presentations today!” which is kind of true. It was a really fun weekend, but far out of our usual quiet home routine, and I guess I’m feeling it.

And now here I am, at the beginning of the week of craziness, completely out of it and writing in this blog instead of getting started on my weekly review, my story, the Drawgasmic piece, a rush calligraphy commission (hee, I just wanted to make it sound fancy — I’m writing the announcement cards for my friend’s boyfriend’s graduation), laundry and a mountain of dishes, and so forth. So it goes!!

Mother's Day 2010

Mew! Meow! Miu!

One more thing to share: here’s the gift I made for Mommy for Mother’s Day! I had a nice big scrap of FabMo French linen, so I cut Peanut Cats out of three coordinating FabMo scraps (I think they’re also linen or linen blends) and attached them to the base fabric with clear double-sided fusible. I then blanket-stitched around all their edges (this took so much longer than I expected, though I’m faster than I used to be), added whiskers, noses, and French knots for eyes and mouths, and put on the tails. From left to right, the tails are a chain stitch, double lines of coral stitch, and stem stitch. I ironed the whole thing out, wrapped it around the mat that came in this frame, and voilĂ . Three kittens! I think we decided that the short round one is me, the middle one is my youngest sister, and the one on the right is my middle sister. The heights aren’t quite right, but whatever. Mommy loved it. The kitties are now hanging on the wall where they make a gorgeous composition when seen from the top of the stairs. 🙂

Off to yoga! I hope that’ll wake me up so I can work hard during the rest of the day!