Learning to write for longer stretches

I spent much of yesterday working on a Mother’s Day present for my mom. I don’t think she reads this blog, but just in case she does, I won’t post the photo until after I’ve given it to her!

Today I’ve been writing all afternoon, working on my VONA manuscript. It’s hard to know how to take breaks while writing fiction. I can write for anywhere between twenty minutes and an hour without stopping, depending how well things are going, but after that I hit some kind of wall. I can still do it, and I still want to, but I need a break. I can’t do anything that will take me out of the world I’m creating, so that eliminates a lot of things and gives me nervous, bouncy energy. I walk around the house, but I try to avoid too many other words, like those on my bookshelves and strewn across the kitchen table and counters.  I feel like I can’t start anything else because I’m working on this, but I’ve got all this nervous energy and nowhere to put it. I don’t even feel like I can do yoga because my character isn’t someone who would do that; it seems too much out of the story. So I just pace around the house, looking out the windows, watching Lyapa give herself a bath. I hug Erik if he’s pacing around too, but otherwise I leave him alone. I don’t want to talk. I eat some dried fruit and drink some water. Then I come back to the computer, inadequately stretched, but not knowing what else to do. It isn’t much of a break, but it’s enough to get me going again. I repeat this process all afternoon. At least the story’s coming along!