Slow rainy Monday

Yes, I’ve changed the look of my blog! It’s a big style transformation, motivated by two total accidents: one, I saw a WordPress announcement that reminded me that I could change the look, and two, I accidentally clicked “activate” instead of “preview” on this theme and decided to just run with it. πŸ˜‰ I really like it. True, I do kind of miss the colorful collage header on the previous theme, but on the other hand, the text-centered look of this theme lets my entries’ images stand out more. And the resemblance to traditional print media makes the whole thing — I think — a lot more readable, given my penchant for writing much wordier entries than I ought to. πŸ˜‰ I’d love to hear your feedback, though! What do you like and dislike about the new look?

I spent a nice chunk of the day working on the “rush calligraphy commission” I mentioned in my earlier post (see right): the name cards and inner envelopes of a friend’s graduation announcements. This was really fun. I’ve always wanted to use my typeface/calligraphy obsession for an actual job — and since this is such a happy occasion, it was extra enjoyable!

Graduation announcement "font"

The "font" I used for my friend's graduation announcements

I won’t display any of the actual cards, for privacy reasons and all that, but this is the “font” I came up with. I wanted something that looked celebratory and cohesive, without being too feminine or traditional (this is a guy friend, btw). I’m happy with it (and my Recife Scribe rollerball), and I think the finished cards look quite nice.

Aside from the cards and revamping this blog, it’s been a lamentably slow day — as I predicted earlier, even if I didn’t say it in so many words. I don’t like these grey rainy days because it’s so hard to focus when I’m slightly chilled all day long! All I want to do is curl up in bed with a good romance or mystery novel, and sip hot tea and soup! If I had a “real” job I suspect days like this would be spent secretly browsing Facebook and playing Minesweeper until 5 PM.

… and no, I still haven’t gotten around to the daily pages I abandoned this morning.

If you are looking to curl up with some hot tea… at least for three minutes… FabMo has created a lovely little intro video that explains what they do. Not only does it give a real sense of the warmth and personality of the organization, but it shows very strikingly just how much beautiful, high-quality material they’re rescuing from landfill. Give it a look!

FabMo intro videoIntro to FabMo from FabMo on Vimeo.